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for the iPhone and iPad

  Ported in
2016 by Les Bird

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About Rocks'n'Diamonds

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a freeware game by Holger Schemel for Windows, Mac, Linux and DOS. For more information about Rocks'n'Diamonds see this link: Rocks'n'Diamonds manual or visit the home page.

About the Port

My particular port is based on the V4.0.0.0 Rocks'n'Diamonds source pulled from the Git repository in February of 2016:

The iOS port of Rocks'n'Diamonds adds Game Center to track high scores, MFI controller support and some other minor changes such as rearranging the screen layout to better fit the smaller screens.

Why Rocks'n'Diamonds?
Back in 2011 I ported a version of Emerald Mine to the iOS platform. It was crude and buggy and had tons of levels. However, I was not able to test all the levels and it turns out some of the levels would crash the game. I set out to fix this by writing from scratch an updated port but then I came across the Rocks'n'Diamonds source code. Rocks'n'Diamonds has been in development for years so the codebase is solid and it plays practically all levels for Emerald Mine, Supaplex, Sokoban and Boulderdash. I asked Holger about porting Rocks'n'Diamonds to iOS and he was totally supportive of this idea. A lot of the work was already done by Holger when he added support for SDL2 to the Rocks'n'Diamonds source code. I merely had to compile the SDL2 libraries for iOS, fix a few pathing issues and before I knew it the game was running just fine on my iPad. There were a few changes I wanted to make so that the experience would be better on mobile devices. (1) I wanted the game to run at 60 fps on modern mobile devices. (2) I wanted to rearrange the screen layout to better fit mobile screens. (3) I wanted to add Game Center support for global leaderboards. (4) I wanted to support MFI (Made For iOS) controllers (SDL2 actually already does this).

I decided to include as part of the basic iOS package the classic level sets for Boulderdash, Sokoban, Supaplex and Emerald Mine 1, 2 and 3. Each level set has it's own Game Center leaderboard.

Future updates may include more level sets.

How To Play

SLIDE: Just slide your finger in the right half of the screen to move the player.
Swipe up or down on the left half of the screen to drop dynamite.

1. Grab a nearby item in an adjacent block.
To do this, just tap and hold the left half of the screen and swipe up/down/left/right on the right half of the screen.

MFI gamepads also supported.

iPad Screenshots

RocksNDiamonds for iOS screenshot

RocksNDiamonds for iOS screenshot

RocksNDiamonds for iOS screenshot

RocksNDiamonds for iOS screenshot

Rocks'n'Diamonds for iOS ported by Les Bird in 2016

February 16, 2016

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