Corridor 7: Alien Invasion

1994 Capstone Software

I joined Capstone Software in Miami in 1993. Shortly after joining I was given the opportunity to work on a new game using a licensed 3D engine. The game was called Corridor 7: Alien Invasion and the licensed engine was Wolf 3D from id Software. The game was a sci-fi shooter with an interesting, but at the time, common backstory. The story was about a mission to Mars that uncovered an alien artifact. The artifact was left behind by another alien race. When a species becomes intelligent enough to trigger the artifact by exposing it to gamma radiation it opens up a portal and the aliens come through and attempt to take over the planet.

Capstone gave me a chance to incorporate a lot of my own ideas into the game which I really enjoyed. For a great article on the game and an interview with me follow the link below:

Corridor 7 Review and Interview