The Cube Test

For Magic Leap One Creator Edition
A Simple Performance Test

The Cube Test MPK for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition:
The Cube Test V1.0 MPK (zip, 18mb)

The Cube Test is a simple performance test for the TX2 powered Magic Leap One. It simply draws lots of spinning cubes and measures the FPS to determine CPS (Cubes Per Second). This is strictly a rendering test to see how many cubes it can draw before the FPS starts taking a hit.

When you launch The Cube Test you will see only a single cube along with some performance stats. Each press of the TRIGGER will add another cubic row of cubes. Each press of the BUMPER will remove a cubic row of cubes. You can add as many rows as you like but after a certain point the frame rate will drop to unusable rates.

Press the HOME button to exit the app.