Rocks'n'Diamonds / Emerald Mine for iOS

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a freeware game by Holger Schemel for Windows, Mac, Linux and DOS. For more information about Rocks'n'Diamonds see this link: Rocks'n'Diamonds manual or visit the home page.
If you download Emerald Mine for iOS from the App Store it is the same executable as Rocks'n'Diamonds except it only contains levels from the Emerald Mine level set.

How To Play

SLIDE: Just slide your finger in the right half of the screen to move the player.
DROP: Swipe up or down on the left half of the screen to drop dynamite.

Grab a nearby item in an adjacent block.
To do this, just tap and hold the left half of the screen and swipe up/down/left/right on the right half of the screen.

MFI controllers also supported.

iPad Screen Shots