iBots for iOS

About the iBots

The iBots live on a planet far away. A planet made up entirely of machines. During your space travels you've crash landed on their planet. The iBots aren't happy about it. After all, you are not a machine and are not compatible with their architecture. They see you as a virus. So they've assembled an army dedicated to hunting you down.

iBots aren't very smart. They can move in any direction but at first they don't know how to avoid obstacles very well. They will learn as time goes on and as they upgrade their AI they will know how to avoid obstacles. They get angry pretty easily and when they do, they come straight at you ignoring everything in their path.

To survive, you need to trick them into running into the walls. On occasion a power-up will appear that will help you defeat the iBots. Hm... it appears that someone or something on the planet is trying to help you.

About the Game

iBots is a turn based game of strategy. You make a move, then the iBots will make a move, and the cycle continues until all of the iBots are dead or until they catch you. As time goes on they will learn how to avoid obstacles. They get smarter.
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